Essentials of Medical Genetics for Nursing and Health Professionals

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Author: Professor, Augusta University, Augusta, Georgia, Founder, Guardian Health Partners, LLC

Pages: 345.

Size: 26 M

Essentials of Medical Genetics for Nursing and Other Health Professionals: An Inter professional Approach is a concise introduction to genetics clinically applicable to nursing students as well as students in other healthcare professions. The text employs an accelerated approach to understanding the fundamentals of genetics, even those with limited knowledge on the topic will find this a beneficial resource. The content is aligned to the ANA’s Essential Genetic and Genomic Competencies and begins with a review of DNA, RNA, protein synthesis, chromosomes, and inheritance patterns. In addition, it takes a clinical focus on specific diseases and groups of disease processes. Each disease chapter focuses on the molecular basis of the disease, the signs and symptoms of the disease, surveillance recommendations, treatment options for the disease, and other disorders.

Key Features:

  • Aligned to the ANA’s Essentials of Genetic and Genomic Competencies
  • Diagnostic techniques for genetic testing
  • Tables and figures which reinforce comprehension
  • Interprofessional contributor list across several health specialties

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