A Short Course in Medical Terminology 4th edition PDF

A Short Course in Medical Terminology 4th edition PDF Free Download

A Short Course in Medical Terminology 4th edition PDF Free Download

Edition: 2019
Pages: 733
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1 Book Description

Acquisitions Editor: Jonathan Joyce
Development Editor: Amy Millholen
Editorial Coordinator: John Larkin
Editorial Assistant: Tish Rogers
Marketing Manager: Leah Thomson
Production Project Manager: David Saltzberg
Design Coordinator: Holly Reid McLaughlin
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Fourth edition
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This new edition builds on the foundation established in the previous three editions. The reader will find the writing style of this edition easy to follow, with special focus given to ensuring that each page is user friendly and accessible to all levels of learning. As educators, we wanted to be sure that students found the content  anageable, interesting, and understandable.

2 Revised Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Analyzing Medical Terms
Chapter 2 Common Prefixes and Suffixes
Chapter 3 Organization of the Body
Chapter 4 The Integumentary System
Chapter 5 The Skeletal System
Chapter 6 The Muscular System
Chapter 7 The Nervous System
Chapter 8 The Special Sense of Sight and Hearing
Chapter 9 The Endocrine System
Chapter 10 The Cardiovascular System
Chapter 11 The Lymphatic System and Immunity
Chapter 12 The Respiratory System
Chapter 13 The Digestive System
Chapter 14 The Urinary System
Chapter 15 The Reproductive System

3 Basic Chapter Outline Template

1. Learning Outcomes (changed from learning objectives)
2. Introduction
3. Word Parts Related to the XXX System
4. Structure and Function
5. Quick Check (at lease one per chapter)
6. Disorders Related to the XXX System
7. Diagnostic Tests, Treatments, and Surgical Procedures
8. Practice and Practitioners
9. The XXX System Abbreviation Table
10. Sidebar (at least one per chapter)
11. The XXX System Study Table (alphabetized within subheadings)
• Structure and Function
• Disorders
• Diagnostic Tests, Treatments, and Surgical Procedures
• Practice and Practitioners
12. End-of-Chapter Exercises—not all exercises may be present, but the
order of exercises is maintained
• Exercise X-X Labeling
• Exercise X-X Word Parts
• Exercise X-X Word Building
• Exercise X-X Matching
• Exercise X-X Multiple Choice
• Exercise X-X Fill in the Blank
• Exercise X-X Abbreviations
• Exercise X-X Spelling
• Exercise X-X Case Study
Chapter-by-Chapter Changes

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