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Cambridge Grammar for IELTS with Answers (fix: 2020)


Cambridge Grammar for IELTS with Answers (PDF + Audio CD)

Cambridge Grammar for IELTS with Answers

Talking about Cambridge grammar for IELTS which is intended primarily for students who want to improve their knowledge of grammar for the IELTS exam.

The book is one of the official Cambridge preparation materials for IELTS and was published by Cambridge University Press.

The book was written by Diana Hopkins and Pauline Cullen who are two of the best IELTS tutors around the world.

As you know, there is no separate grammatical part in the test, but knowledge of grammatical structures and rules is checked throughout the test.

The book contains 25 units and each unit comes in four parts:

A. Context listening

This introduces the grammar of the unit in a context that is relevant to the IELTS test.

Such a thing will help you to understand the grammar more easily when you study section. It also gives you useful listening practice.

Listen to the recording and answer the questions then check your answers in the Key before you read the Grammar section.

B. Grammar

Read through this section before you do the grammar exercises.

For each grammar point, there are explanations with examples and you can refer back to this section when you are doing the exercises.

C. Grammar exercises

You can write your answers to each exercise and then check them in the Key.

D. Test practice

Each unit has a test task that will help you practice the different parts of the test.

The test task is followed by a grammar focus task, which gives you extra practice in the grammar from the unit.

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