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Exam preparation for IELTS. Free download IELTS Books and other materials for everybody PDF, Audio, App. Tải sách học IELTS bản đẹp miễn phí tại kho sách online Books Here.

220 IELTS Speaking Topics [Book & Audio]

220 IELTS Speaking Topics The current book is accumulated to help IELTS up-and-comers have simple access to adequate IELTS Speaking examples, gathered from different IELTS readiness course books. It contains 220 IELTS Speaking Topics…

Practical IELTS Strategy

Practical IELTS Strategy Reading, Writing, Speaking This Practical IELTS Strategies book is above all (as the name suggests) practical and strategic, giving a clear and achievable framework for maximizing your score in the IELTS Exam.…

[PDF] Hopeful by Louise Bay

Hopeful by Louise Bay A long time ago, Joel Wentworth told me he’d love me for infinity . . . and I can’t give up hope that it might have been true. How long does it take to get over your first love? Eight years should be long enough. My…