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Oxford Bookworms Library Level 1

Free download English eBooks: The Oxford Bookworms Library Level 1

Free download eBooks English Reading books: The Oxford Bookworms Library Level 1 – Third Edition [Update 2019]

Series Editor: Rachel Bladon

The Oxford Bookworms Library Level 1

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No# Tittle Mirror 1 Mirror 2
1 Bill Bowler – The Butler Did It and Other Plays https://bit.ly/2Ln2xlU https://bit.ly/2SUJeoe
2 Christine Lindop – Weddings https://bit.ly/2WM1TDY https://bit.ly/3fIx4Zi
3 Frances Hodgson Burnett – A Little Princess https://bit.ly/2TcVRvh https://bit.ly/2Wp4g0l
4 Jennifer Bassett – One-way Ticket. Short Stories https://bit.ly/3bjPzjn https://bit.ly/2LmIsMM
5 Jennifer Bassett – The Omega Files. Short Stories https://bit.ly/2WnUL1t https://bit.ly/3dD5riF
6 Jennifer Bassett – The Phantom of the Opera [.doc] https://bit.ly/3fK1HOm https://bit.ly/2xSR6iL
7 Jennifer Bassett – The President’s Murderer https://bit.ly/2X1rTvl https://bit.ly/3dGLrM9
8 John Escott – Goodbye, Mr Hollywood https://bit.ly/3fF8Ejn https://bit.ly/2AnRkQ5
9 John Escott – London https://bit.ly/2yRd4mG https://bit.ly/3dD5MC2
10 John Escott – Sister Love and Other Crime Stories https://bit.ly/3fHxu2k https://bit.ly/2LjGmgx
11 Joyce Hannam – Christmas in Prague [google books] https://bit.ly/2Ln33Am https://bit.ly/2WMcE9f
12 Judith Dean – Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp https://bit.ly/35YAEKE https://bit.ly/2Lkp0jx
13 L. Frank Baum – The Wizard of Oz https://bit.ly/3cqbuqE https://bit.ly/2zwYEYU
14 Mark Twain – The Adventures of Tom Sawyer [beautiful] https://bit.ly/3dOh9Ht https://bit.ly/3fMc1p5
15 Michael Dean – A Ghost in Love and Other Plays https://bit.ly/2zwxhOC https://bit.ly/2WKL10p
16 Rowena Akinyemi – Love or Money [.doc] https://bit.ly/2yEiDFi https://bit.ly/2zxIoqx
17 Rowena Akinyemi – Remember Miranda https://bit.ly/2yGdCfo https://bit.ly/3fHzebS
18 Rowena Akinyemi – The Witches of Pendle [.doc] https://bit.ly/2WOjo6E https://bit.ly/35RMaHu
19 Rowena Akinyemi – Under the Moon [.doc] https://bit.ly/2SWuRQy https://bit.ly/2WmwvNl
20 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – Sherlock Holmes and the Duke’s Son https://bit.ly/35T3vzV https://bit.ly/3dzF0u8
21 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – Sherlock Holmes and the Sport of Kings [.beautiful] https://bit.ly/2WO62an https://bit.ly/3bpwrjW
22 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – Sherlock Holmes. Two Plays [.beautiful] https://bit.ly/2YV8P4r https://bit.ly/35OHXED
23 Steve Flinders – Scotland https://bit.ly/3dCSB3O https://bit.ly/3cvwFru
24 Thomas Hardy – The Withered Arm https://bit.ly/3bqlFu3 https://bit.ly/2SXo20X
25 Tim Vicary – Mary, Queen of Scots [.doc] https://bit.ly/2Ljkhyu https://bit.ly/3bqt9NE
26 Tim Vicary – Mutiny on the Bounty https://bit.ly/3bv8052 https://bit.ly/3fFEBs8
27 Tim Vicary – Pocahontas https://bit.ly/3fG2cZx https://bit.ly/35RGrS1
28 Tim Vicary – The Coldest Place on Earth [.doc] https://bit.ly/2yQg7LX https://bit.ly/2yOY1Kf
29 Tim Vicary – The Elephant Man [.doc] https://bit.ly/2SXAy0j https://bit.ly/3brPhHg
30 Tim Vicary – The Murder of Mary Jones [.beautiful] https://bit.ly/2SRhP6L https://bit.ly/2LnoxNH
31 Tim Vicary – Titanic https://bit.ly/2xYqmO2 https://bit.ly/3fFu6F5
32 Tim Vicary – White Death https://bit.ly/2YU6xCv https://bit.ly/2SSTP32
33 W. W. Jacobs – The Monkey’s Paw [.doc] https://bit.ly/3dAzh7f https://bit.ly/3cr6LEW


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