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Oxford Bookworms Library Level 2 | Free download


Free Download eBooks English Reading books: The Oxford Bookworms Library Level 2 – Third Edition

[Update 2022 …. ]

Oxford Bookworms Library Level 2 – PDF and Audio

Series Editor: Rachel Bladon

No# Tittle Mirror 1
1 Arnold Bennett – Stories from the Five Towns [beautiful] https://bit.ly/2WMWayR
2 Bram Stoker – Dracula https://bit.ly/3bMFpIx
3 Captain Marryat – The Children of the New Forest [.beautiful] https://bit.ly/3e4YaZ3
4 Climate Change [no audio] https://bit.ly/3e3eKZp
5 Daniel Defoe – Robinson Crusoe [.doc] https://bit.ly/2zkPqiG
6 Edgar Allan Poe – The Murders in the Rue Morgue https://bit.ly/3bPvwJW
7 Edith Nesbit – Five Children and It  [.beautiful] https://bit.ly/3e2xKr1
8 Harry Gilbert – The Year of Sharing https://bit.ly/3e4sSS7
9 Jackie Maguire – Seasons and Celebrations https://bit.ly/3cRkc1d
10 Janet Hardy-Gould – Henry VIII and His Six Wives https://bit.ly/2Zq2VIG
11 Jennifer Bassett – Cries from the Heart. Stories from Around the World https://bit.ly/3gdwNy6
12 Jennifer Bassett – William Shakespeare [.doc] https://bit.ly/2XfyulV
13 John Escott – Agatha Christie, Woman of Mystery https://bit.ly/3bQ1qpF
14 John Escott – Dead Man’s Island [.doc] https://bit.ly/3cRj8uo
15 Joyce Hannam – The Death of Karen Silkwood https://bit.ly/3gb9qF6
16 L. M. Montgomery – Anne of Green Gables [.doc] https://bit.ly/2z90FLn
17 Lewis Carroll – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland [.doc] https://bit.ly/2XebeVq
18 Mark Twain – Huckleberry Finn [.doc] https://bit.ly/2LNh6ja
19 Michael Duckworth – Voodoo Island https://bit.ly/36gsInY
20 Mutiny on the Bounty https://bit.ly/3cOUhqY
21 O. Henry – New Yorkers. Short Stories https://bit.ly/2ZAc7uj
22 One Way Ticket_Short Stories https://bit.ly/36iXeh2
23 Oscar Wilde – The Canterville Ghost https://bit.ly/36jsUTJ
24 Peter Dainty – The Love of a King [.doc] https://bit.ly/2zjSGed
25 Peter Foreman – The Mystery of Allegra [.beautiful] https://bit.ly/3e6CpIt
26 Pocahontas https://bit.ly/36gXhtX
27 Reg Wright – Ear-rings from Frankfurt https://bit.ly/3bTeaMe
28 Remember Miranda https://bit.ly/2XiWJ2q
29 Romeo and Juliet https://bit.ly/2XkO53q
30 Rosemary Border – The Piano https://bit.ly/36mGGET
31 Rowena Akinyemi – Rainforests https://bit.ly/2Zq4fv8
32 Rudyard Kipling – The Jungle Book https://bit.ly/2zkR0kC
33 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – Sherlock Holmes Short Stories https://bit.ly/2ylGBVr
34 The Coldest Place on Earth https://bit.ly/36kxLUk
35 The Elephant Man https://bit.ly/2LKQkI1
36 The Lottery Winner https://bit.ly/2zSy7pg
37 The Monkey’s Paw  [.beautiful] https://bit.ly/2TpZJJr
38 The Murders in the Rue Morgue https://bit.ly/2WMMeFw
39 The Omega Files https://bit.ly/2LKtSyy
40 The Witches of Pendle https://bit.ly/2Xk8XYL
41 The Withered Arm https://bit.ly/2X9C2Ww
42 Thomas Hardy – Tales from Longpuddle https://bit.ly/3e3gPVd
43 Tim Vicary – Death in the Freezer https://bit.ly/3bU3I7g
44 Tim Vicary – Grace Darling https://bit.ly/2Tmmfmg
45 Tim Vicary – Ireland https://bit.ly/2LIArSx
46 White Death https://bit.ly/2WMYplL


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