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Oxford Grammar for Schools Free Download (FULL: Student’s Books + Teacher’s Books + CDs) covers all the grammar students need to know for the Cambridge exams:

Level 1 – Cambridge English: Starters
Level 2 – Cambridge English: Movers
Level 3 – Cambridge English: Flyers
Level 4 – Cambridge English: Preliminary for Schools
Level 5 – Cambridge English: Preliminary for Schools

Each unit presents grammar points in context with activities to check understanding and provides opportunities for students to use the grammar in activities that involve listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Activities at the end of the unit and in the revision units practise more than one grammar topic.

Tải sách học Ngữ Pháp Oxford Grammar for Schools – Đây là bộ sách học ngữ pháp Tiếng Anh Trẻ Em rất hay.