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Full Set Formula B2 Pearson Free Download


Formula B2 Pearson free download – includes: Course book & Audio CD; Exam trainer book; Exam files; Test Book … [update: 11.2022]

Formula B2 Pearson


Suitable for: Teenagers and young adult learners preparing for Cambridge Exams and Cambridge Exams for Schools

1 Download the files

No# Title Download

Formula B2 First Coursebook with key.PDF

Mirror 1 Mirror 2
2 CD Audio Mirror 1 Mirror 2
3 Formula_B2 First Exam Trainer and Interactive eBook.pdf Mirror 1 Mirror 2
4 Exam file.pdf Mirror 1 Mirror 2
5 Formula_B2 Photocopiables.rar Mirror 1 Mirror 2
6 Formula_B2_Test_Package_All.rar Mirror 1 Mirror 2
7 Wordlist Mirror 1 Mirror 2
8 Teacher’s book Mirror 1 Mirror 2


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