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Basic Physiology for Anaesthetists (Chambers) 2nd ed 2023 PDF free download


Basic Physiology for Anaesthetists (Chambers) 2nd ed (update: 2023)

Basic Physiology for Anaesthetists (Chambers) 2nd ed (2019)

1 Table of Contents

  • Preface to the first edition
  • Preface to the second edition
  • Part I. The Basics:
    1. General organisation of the body
    2. Cell components and function
    3. Genetics
    4. The cell membrane
    5. Enzymes
  • Part II. Respiratory Physiology:
    6. The upper airways
    7. The lower airways
    8. Oxygen transport
    9. Carbon dioxide transport
    10. Alveolar diffusion
    11. Ventilation and dead space
    12. Static lung volumes
    13. Spirometry
    14. Hypoxia and shunts
    15. Ventilation-perfusion relationships
    16. Ventilation-perfusion zones in the lung
    17. Oxygen delivery and demand
    18. Alveolar gas equation
    19. Oxygen cascade
    20. Lung compliance
    21. Work of breathing
    22. Control of ventilation
    23. Pulmonary circulation
    24. Oxygen toxicity
    25. Ventilatory failure
    26. Anaesthesia and the lung
  • Part III. Cardiovascular Physiology
  • Part IV. Neurophysiology:
  • Part V. Gastrointestinal Tract
    62. Saliva, oesophagus and swallowing
    63. Stomach and vomiting
    64. Gastrointestinal digestion and absorption
    65. Liver: anatomy and blood supply
    66. Liver function
  • Part VI. Kidney and Body Fluids
  • Part VIII. Energy Balance
  • Part XI. Environmental Physiology:
    87. Altitude
    88. Divide
    89. Temperature regulation


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