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Privacy In The Republic by Andrew Roberts PDF Free Download

Privacy In The Republic by Andrew Roberts

Privacy In The Republic by Andrew Roberts PDF

Privacy In The Republic by Andrew Roberts – 2023

Title: Privacy In The Republic Volume:
Author(s): Andrew Roberts
Series: Periodical:
Publisher: Routledge | Taylor & Francis Group City:
Year: 2023 Edition: 1
Language: English Pages (biblio\tech): 209\209
ISBN: 0367509407, 9780367509408, 0367529114, 9780367529116, 1000601625, 9781000601626, 1000601730, 9781000601732, 9781003079804

Description book:

This book rethinks the idea of privacy. It argues that a satisfactory account of privacy should not limit itself to identifying why privacy might be valuable. It also needs to attend to the further question of how it can be secured in those circumstances in which it proves to be valuable.

Drawing on republican ideas about the relationship between freedom and self-government, the book asserts that privacy is valuable, because it enables us to lead non-dominated lives. It prevents others from acquiring power to interfere in our choices – to remove options that would otherwise be available to us, and to manipulate our decision-making. It further examines the means through which citizens might exercise effective control over decisions and actions that affect their privacy and proposes a democratic theory of privacy.

With the emergence of the ‘surveillance state,’ this volume will be indispensable for scholars, students, and researchers in political theory, political philosophy, law, and human and civil rights. It will be of particular interest to policymakers, lawyers, and human rights activists.

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