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[PDF] English Grammar Games


English Grammar Games

Set of books that specialize in grammar games and interactive activities. Grammar practice games are teachers’ resources that contain hundreds of games and activities to practice grammar.

The activities are designed to promote the intensive practice and interact with learners of all ages from primary to advanced levels. The emphasis on interaction and peer collaboration helps students find practicing grammar meaningful and rewarding. The grammar fields mentioned in the book are all found in courses, making activities easy to be included in a lesson.

English Grammar Games are the useful materials for every English teacher.

1 Great Grammar Games

2 50 Quick-Play Grammar Games

3 Games for grammar practice

a resource book of grammar games and interactive activities




4 FUN with GRAMMAR- Communicative Activities

for the Azar Grammar series (by Suzanne W. Woodward)


Source: POL international center of education

Password for un-rar: books-here.com

Mật khẩu giải nén: books-here.com

All books are free to download. Just share for studying purpose.

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