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Speakout 3rd edition level A2 free download


Speakout 3rd edition level A2 pdf & Audio Cds free download included 3 books:

  • Speakout 3ed A2 Student’s Book and eBook with Online Practice
  • Speakout 3ed A2 Workbook with Key
  • Speakout 3ed A2 Teacher’s Book

Source: POLCET – the best English center in Hanoi, Vietnam

Speakout 3rd edition level A2 free download

Component ISBN Price Books-Here.com
Student’s Book and eBook with Online Practice and Digital Resources 978-1292359526 $ 60 Free
Teacher’s Book with Presentation Tool, Online Practice and Digital Resources 978-1292399553 $ 78 Free
Workbook 978-1292399577 $ 45 Free

Speakout 3rd Edition offers 100% new content, all-new video, and a fresh new look and feel, all underpinned by flexible components for in-class, online and hybrid use.

  • Built on the Global Scale of English, providing clear objectives for every stage of a lesson
  • All-new BBC video, including clips from popular TV programmes, street interviews, and vlogs for maximum exposure to authentic English as it is spoken around the world
  • Innovative speech recognition for out-of-class speaking practice
  • Enhanced pronunciation strand with recording feature
  • Integrated skills for employability, including mediation lessons and ‘future skills’ training to help learners prepare for the changing world of work
  • Mapped to external exams, including the Benchmark Test
No# Level Status
1 SO 3rd Edition A1 Full set & Downloadable
2 SO 3rd Edition A2 Full set & Downloadable
3 SO 3rd Edition B1 uploading
4 SO 3rd Edition B2 uploading
5 SO 3rd Edition C1-C2 uploading

1 Download the books Speakout 3rd edition level A2

password to unrar: books-here.com

No# Book
1 SO 3rd A2 Teacher Resources.rar Download
2 SO 3rd A2 test Download
3 SO 3rd A2 videos Download
4 SO 3rd A2 Workbook Audio Download
5 SO 3rd A2 Class Audio Download
6 SO 3rd A2 Photocopiables Download
7 SO 3rd A2 Student’s book.PDF Download
8 SO 3rd A2 Teacher’s book.PDF Download
9 SO 3rd A2 Student’s book KEYs.PDF Download
10 SO 3rd A2 Workbook.PDF Download
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