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SpeakOut Pre-intermediate 2nd edition full Free download [update 2023]


Free Download Pearson SpeakOut Pre-intermediate 2nd edition full [update: 4.2023 ] ~1,5GB Free download

SpeakOut Pre-intermediate 2nd edition

CEFR: A2 to B1 | GSE: 36 – 46

Status: Available for Free Downloading full set

Total Storage: ~ 1.5 GB

Nhìn chung, SpeakOut 2nd là bộ giáo trình Giao Tiếp Tiếng Anh Tuyệt Vời.
Được thiết kế theo phương pháp giáo dục hiện đại, nội dung đơn giản, bố cục logic hợp lí, trình bày đẹp mắt…
Hệ thống bài tập rất phong phú đa dạng.

Teacher. Ms Hien – POL international School

1 Pre-intermediate level Includes, PDFs & CDs & DVDs:

  • Student’s book ; Teacher’s book
  • Workbook with keys & Tests
  • CDs (class + workbook)
  • DVD (extra + BBC + interview)
  • And many Extra materials

2 Link 2 Download: [update- 11.2022]

We share materials for educational purposes only, all trading is illegal!

1 Class Audio CD1-2 Download

Download 2

2 DVD and Interviews.rar Download

Download 2

3 Placement Test Download
4 SO 2nd PRE tests audio Download

Download 2

5 SO2_pre_photocobiable_epanel.pdf Download
6 Speakout 2e Pre-intermediate wordlist.xls Download
7 Student’s Book 2nd.pdf Download

Download 2

8 Teacher’s Book 2nd.pdf Download

Download 2

9 Tests Download
10 VIDEO Download
11 Workbook 2nd.pdf Download

Download 2


Workbook Audio :  Download


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  1. Avatar of Santiago Tapia Caballero
    Santiago Tapia Caballero says

    Where’s the link for audios?

    1. Avatar of lehoang103
      lehoang103 says

      The audio files were uploaded. you can download now.

  2. Avatar of Rodrigo Martinez
    Rodrigo Martinez says

    Sorry, Can you upload the workbook´s audios? There aren´t here. There are only the student´s audios.

    1. Avatar of lehoang103
      lehoang103 says

      The links were fixed!

  3. Avatar of Dorothy
    Dorothy says

    The link from sharepoint does not work for me.

  4. Avatar of Huy
    Huy says

    Thanks. I got them.

  5. Avatar of Luther Shover
    Luther Shover says

    Excellent website. Bookmarked.

  6. Avatar of Joe
    Joe says

    it seem all number 5 file have been deleted by gg, can you repair it or check it again?

    1. Avatar of lehoang103
      lehoang103 says

      It was fixed.

  7. Avatar of Viktoria
    Viktoria says

    can you please upload audios for workbook? there are audios for student’s book in your link

  8. Avatar of Yuliia
    Yuliia says

    Thanks alot! Your website is very helpful

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