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200 English Grammar Mistakes PDF Free download

[PDF] 200 English Grammar Mistakes - Free download


200 English Grammar Mistakes PDF Free download

200 English Grammar Mistakes!

A Workbook of Common Grammar and Punctuation Errors with Examples, Exercises and Solutions So You Never Make Them Again (English Grammar Help)

Review book – 200 English Grammar Mistakes! :

Do you find yourself making basic yet perplexing grammatical blunders in your writing?

If so, then keep reading…

If you’re like most of us, you’re certain to make grammatical errors in your writing, both major and minor.

Making grammatical errors may be embarrassing and make your writing feel rushed and done with little to no care, whether it’s in an academic paper or a simple text message to a buddy.

With so many books on how to write and speak properly, finding books that focus solely on common English grammar problems is difficult.

As a result, we decided to write a book that focuses solely on common English grammar problems, how to correct them, and how to avoid making them again.

In 200 English Grammar Mistakes, here is just a fraction of what you can expect:

  • 200+ common English grammar mistakes
  • 3 clearly laid out examples of each common error to better your understanding
  • 3 corrected versions of each error to give you 100% certainty
  • 2 – 3 multiple choice questions with answers per common mistake to test your ability
  • Common mistakes including, but not limited to: punctuation, sentence structure, spelling, formatting, verbs, adjectives and many other English grammar components
  • 1 full chapter devoted to advanced English mistakes to ensure you’re an expert by the time you finish the book
And there’s much more…
At the end of the day, mastering English grammar is a skill that millions of individuals all over the world struggle with.
The ability to recognize frequent writing faults and apply tactics to quickly correct them, in my opinion, should always be the first step toward becoming a master of English writing.
So, if you want to learn about the most common English grammar mistakes, how to correct them, and how to avoid making them in the future…
Get your hands on a copy of this book right now!
And don’t make another grammatical error in English!

Download book 200 English Grammar Mistakes:

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