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220 IELTS Speaking Topics [Book & Audio] free download


220 IELTS Speaking Topics [Book & Audio] Free download [update: 2023]

1 220 IELTS Speaking Topics [Book & Audio]

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The current book is accumulated to help IELTS up-and-comers have simple access to adequate IELTS Speaking examples, gathered from different IELTS readiness course books. It contains 220 IELTS Speaking Topics that are masterminded one after another in order to empower the possibility to discover the subjects of their advantage rapidly and without any problem.

This book likewise means to develop the competitors talking abilities just as their certainty by presenting them to utilize articulations and recommended tips.

It has a sound CD that contains 10 example tests. The primary motivation behind the sound CD is to give the up-and-comers enough certainty to arrange their brains and answer inquiries particularly to some degree 2 86 3, when they are given immaterial and conceptual themes.

The book comprises of three parts. Part 1 begins with the configuration of the IELTS talking module, scoring of the test, some recommended tips, and finishes with the valuable articulations.

Section 2 contains ordered points that are arranged in order and partitioned into three sections: section 1, section 2, and section 3 of the IELTS talking test.

The reference of every point card is composed right beneath the case and the reference of the gather together inquiries is gotten in front of the inquiries. For the inquiries which need a reference and page number, the reference is as of now given in the bolded structure before the past inquiries.

In Chapter 3, the genuine test subject examples are arranged one after another in order for simple use. Toward the finish of the book, there is an agenda of Dos and Don’ts which is unequivocally suggested.

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