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Clear English Pronunciation A Practical Guide free download 2023

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Clear English Pronunciation A Practical Guide PDF free download 2023

Source: POLCET – POL center of education and training

Clear English Pronunciation: A Practical Guide

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With the help of Clear English Pronunciation, students may communicate in English successfully without relying entirely on models of native speakers’ pronunciation. The book’s emphasis is on specific pronunciation goals rather than a general strategy. This book, which is broken up into four sections to aid learners in bettering their pronunciation, contains thorough articulatory explanations, example sentences, and recordings in each section.

  • addresses the issue of pronunciation as a component of a larger communicative domain;
  • explains and shows how to pronounce English in an understandable and natural manner;
  • aids learners in recognizing and correcting their own pronunciation difficulties.

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    Very good article. Practice makes perfection, that is the best way to learn English.

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