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Nostradamus PDF 2022 Free download


Nostradamus PDF 2022 2nd edition – Free download Nostradamus book pdf 2022

Nostradamus PDF 2022 

NOSTRADAMUS, The key to prophecy, is the most comprehensive and authoritative book on Nostradamus ever written. After twenty-five years of research, the author presents his discoveries in a trial format that includes seven days of testimony (chapters). Evidence is presented during these seven days that demonstrates that hundreds of the prophecies of Nostradamus, when properly investigated, can be shown to have been fulfilled with impressive details and in the historical time frames suggested in his four-line prophecies.

This trial examined Nostradamus and his fulfilled prophecies, warning that his future predictions will also be accomplished. These prophecies echo warnings found in the Old and New Testaments, including the book of Revelation. A contested presidential election and the sacking of the Capitol Building are foretold. One amazing prophecy includes the name “Trump.”

After this unusual election, prophecies describing a catastrophic asteroid strike and an ensuing conflict between Islam and the current incarnation of the Messiah are presented. On the final day of testimony, scripture is examined that confirms reincarnation. These scriptures included biblical passages that will establish the Creator’s loathing of Islam and its false prophet. Religious statements by Nostradamus, concealed in his prophecies, were presented during testimony. These prophecies were included to demonstrate that Nostradamus intended that a hidden key would unlock not only his predictions but also hidden prophecies in the Bible. Moreover, additional scripture established that the Son of God has walked this earth in successive incarnations and is with us today and always.

Testimony demonstrated the Epistle of Nostradamus was written for, and dedicated to, the current incarnation of the Messiah. Nostradamus wrote his prophecies and Epistle to awaken the Messiah – at this critical time in history – to the hidden truths in the scriptures. So that he could awaken all of you, you, in turn, must awaken the world.

Free download Nostradamus PDF 2022 

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