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Speakout Advanced Plus 2nd (update 2023) free download


Speakout Advanced Plus 2nd (update: 4.2023) Free download Full set [PDF books; Audio CD; DVD; Extra materials]

Speakout Advanced Plus 2nd

1 Preview the book

Speakout is a rigorous six-level adult general English course established in collaboration with BBC Worldwide and BBC Learning English. It builds trust by providing techniques for strengthening speaking and listening skills, and it allows teachers to personalize the learning process by using activities from the Speakout Extra resource bank.

Free Download SO Advanced Plus 2nd Edition, Includes:

  • Student’s Book ; Teacher’s book
  • Workbook with keys & Tests
  • CDs (class + workbook)
  • DVD (extra + BBC + interview)
  • Extra materials

2 Download Books:

Student’s Book (full): PDF – DOWNLOAD 1   || Or ||     Download 2

Audio for Student’s Book: .rar (~150MB)  Download now     || Or ||     Download 2

Teacher’s Book: PDF – Download now    || Or ||   Download 2

Workbook with Key: PDF – Download now

Audio for Workbook: .rar (~75MB) Download now

Tests [.docx] – Download now

DVD Videos – 02 files:

BBC interview .rar (~300MB) Download now    || Or ||     Download 2

BBC video clips .rar (~300MB) Download now    Or    Download 2    Or     Download 3


Source: www.polcet.edu.vn

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  1. Avatar of lehoang103
    lehoang103 nói

    It’s just a sample. You can download the full book PDF now.

  2. Avatar of Kazama
    Kazama nói

    Thank you for sharing. : )

  3. Avatar of C@rol
    C@rol nói

    The BBC interviews file is broken ):

    1. Avatar of lehoang103
      lehoang103 nói

      The link was fixed. You can download it now.

  4. Avatar of Bernardo Serratos
    Bernardo Serratos nói

    Hey, Do you have the answers to the tests?

    1. Avatar of lehoang103
      lehoang103 nói

      let me check…

  5. Avatar of JOAN
    JOAN nói

    Thanks alot:3

  6. Avatar of Yana
    Yana nói

    Workbook and Tests are broken

  7. Avatar of Abdou
    Abdou nói

    Hello can you get us. The white board interactive software

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